One of the many privileges you receive  working in a Nursing Home is getting to know your resident.

Through their eye’s, they share beautiful memories and stories of A Life Lived.

They share how very Proud they are of their Wife and Son. I have the privilege to be able to sit with A resident as they Lovingly explain  the family dynamic’s, in all it’s complexities.

It is these very moment’s that I do what I do and why I love it so very much. When my Residents journey come’s to a end, I have a understanding of the families pain and that is  itself a Honour.

I have some understanding of the level of devotion my Resident has for his Wife.

The struggle he endured in the early days, Loving her so intensely  but waiting for the right time to make Her His Wife, Like the True Gentleman he is. He once said to me “Making us wait like that, proved our Love for each other!”

Like it built the foundations of their marriage before their marriage. Where No negative word would , No cancer, No Parkinson’s or Dementia could invade the sanctuary of their Life Long Love Affair!

The memories He shared were beautiful and humbling!

He was also A proud Father. His son would enter the Nursing Home and into His Dads room like A wave of sunshine pushing through heavy clouds. Even through the closed door, I could hear the heart felt belly laughs coming from all with-in that room.

As hard as it would be to have a Dad unwell and living outside the Family Home, life continued as normally as it could be.

I heard this young man say, “I tried to be like Dad, help out on the farm, do the things that Dad did, just to be more like Dad!”

This Resident of mine, could Not of been anymore prouder of His Son! Not because you tried to do what He did but because you ARE what He is!

You embrace life with the same passion, humour and family devotion as He does, even though the farmer you are not, it did not make you any less of a man and it definately didn’t dim the light in your Dads eye’s for you! His Love for you was for who you are not for what He was!

I am so very honoured to have the privilege to care for someone’s husband and someones Dad.


As Another Angel got His wings.




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